With Lou representing the people of Ohio’s 13th District, they will have someone on their side.

Term Limits

Too many politicians get in office and make politics a career without ever knowing what life is like outside of the beltway. We would be better served with a House of Representatives made up of teachers, business people, lawyers, doctors, bakers, bankers, construction workers… people who want to serve. We must vote for the person and politicians who support term limits. I support term limits.

Illegal Immigration

I support border walls and barriers, along with the use of electronic surveillance, checkpoints and agencies charged with controlling our borders, and quotas to vet who is allowed to coming in legally. Furthermore, I am a strong proponent of the enforcement of laws that prevent undocumented people from working in the country. To be sure they must have working permits and pay into the system

It is not illegal to seek and grant asylum. It is not illegal to give young students the chance to learn from our universities. There are many ways to get into the country legally. Yet, we are faced with a large immigration problem and a flood of undocumented workers because Congress has not addressed these issues in a proper way.

Business Experience

I am inspired to see the economic potential of the United States unleashed by President Trump, a businessman. Tim Ryan and decades of politicians on both sides of the aisle didn’t produce the economic boom that we are seeing today. My opponents who are politicians haven’t proved they can do what Trump has done. I want to bring my 45 years of business experience working across the country to my district to keep the growth happening and bring it to our area.

Second Amendment

Law Abiding Citizens have a Second Amendment right that is undeniable. I agree with the NRA and Gun Clubs around the county who advocate training. We also need to do a better job identifying those who would use a gun in a manner to harm Americans. Mental health issues have to be addressed and utilizing systems already in place to stop bad people from getting guns has to be a priority. Just as we saw in Texas, a trained good guy with a gun will stop a deranged bad guy with a gun. Our constitution is our backbone, this includes our Second Amendment.

Conservative Judges

Every judge, every senator, every congressman, everyone who works for our country takes an oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. That is what I expect from all judges. We need qualified judges who will uphold our constitution.


Medicaid for All is a bad policy. It is intended for those in the safety net, our elderly, the disabled, the veterans, our children, and certain young adults. Private health care (Free Market) has been our system for decades and it will work if more people are in the private health care system. Private health care is a major part of union collective bargaining agreements, and it is one of the benefits of joining a union. This is no different for many corporations. It’s simple, the more people in the plan, the lower the rate. Small businesses can do the same by combining with other small businesses.

As a business owner and job creator, I certainly understand the high cost of health insurance to our country and especially for small businesses. This must be addressed by legislation and legislators who are willing to work honestly with insurance companies, health care providers, pharmaceuticals, and the health care industry. There is no simple answer and it is impossible to list the many plans and proposals that can make a difference. I promise to work to make it better for all of us.


I do not Support Abortion. Abortion is a critical decision for a pregnant woman. No one can perform a late-term abortion on a healthy fetus, unless there are extenuating circumstances, for example, the health of the mother or other medical conditions that have been generally recognized. The supreme court has established these constitutional rights for women. Until challenged, that is our law of the land. I respect our constitution and I respect the sanctity of life.

National Debt

Our National Debt went from 5.6 Trillion dollars in 2000 to 23 Trillion dollars at the end of this decade.

What happened? A protracted war in the middle east, health care costs that are rising and failing health care policies, the government bailout of banks and auto manufacturers, bad trade agreements that stole American jobs, and the Washington Politicians spending more than they take every year. In fact, we started the past decade at 13.5 Trillion dollars in 2010 and have been increasing by about 1 trillion dollars per year. This is unsustainable.

I believe in fiscal responsibility for every issue… nothing is free. We have a 23 Trillion national debt and a 1 Trillion deficit. This is a true threat to our democracy and economy. Republicans have fought for fiscal responsibility for years and reduce government control. I just want to start doing something about it.