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With Lou representing the people of Ohio’s 13th District, they will have someone on their side making sure we write laws and rules that puts them before the corporation. Below are some issues important to Lou.

Constitutional Rights

Freedom of the press, the right to protest, free speech, and all additional freedoms given to us in the First Amendment are our inalienable rights.

There can be no other way.


CO2 emissions will threaten all of us unless we address this issue with the same vigor that we had when we entered into WWII.

I believe that state-of-the-art nuclear power plants should be built and operated by the Federal Government. The revenue earned can pay for the plants over a few years while reducing emissions.


I am running as a Republican candidate who will work for the good of our valley.

I believe in common sense and fiscal responsibility. All government programs cost money. Nothing is free. We must find ways to pay for them.

While our country is enjoying economic successes, our Valley is lagging behind. I will work to get meaningful jobs here.

Legal Immigration

We cannot be the country that opened its arms and took in immigrants and refugees when they sought new opportunities and a second chance, and then after years of becoming a part of our country, tear them away from their families and homes.

We cannot do this. I will not do this. These people are here. They are working, and many have lived here and have been working here for decades.


I believe it is our duty to provide good medical care for all people, regardless of income. I will propose a national health care program, along with a single payer system and private medical care. There are many good options—I will not destroy what we already have, but I will build and improve upon it.