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Tim Ryan – Union Negotiator?

Aug 1, 2019 | Politics

As a union contractor of 45 years, and as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiator in New York City for the bridge painters union, I can say that health care insurance is of primary importance. It’s on the table for every negotiation. We collectively have to buy insurance just as any individual must. This insurance cost cuts at the wages that we negotiate – no one wins. Individually, not ONE person in our Valley that I’ve spoken to is happy with the cost of their health care insurance. Health care insurance is a big problem.

The complaints are the same – higher cost for the insurance and higher deductibles. Coverage for eyes and dental are minimal, if not at all. Many of the union members blame us, but we too are at the mercy of the insurance companies who sell this coverage. I know that the auto workers, steelworkers, laborers, firemen, teachers, and police unions face the same problems with insurance. These high costs are cutting at their wages and must be addressed. These costs hurt all of us. According to government statistics, U.S. health care in 2017, reached $3.5 trillion. Who’s watching this cost?

While our Tim Ryan claims to know union negotiations is reprimanded by Bernie, and many of the Democrats continue to argue along partisan lines, the problem will not be solved. The solutions are there, but they will not happen unless we work together. I will not sit back and do nothing, but I cannot do this alone. I need your help to win this election.

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