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Gun Control – Again

Jun 2, 2019 | Constitutional Rights, Politics

I believe in gun control because I believe that people in this country deserve to live in safety. There have been too many senseless deaths attributed to guns, and I’ve written about this in my blog. Yes, I’ve read the Second Amendment and once again our country is embroiled in political rhetoric that divides us while innocent people are dying in schools, houses of worship, and other public places. We have to do something and we must act quickly. Given the most recent incident at Virginia Beach, I want to briefly explain my thoughts, feelings, and a plan of action.

I’m going to tell you about my Ohio Drivers License. My drivers license gives me the permission to drive a car because I’ve passed a test and I have to renew the license every four years. It’s good all over the United States, Canada and Mexico; it could be taken away from me if I’m driving drunk or if I’m reckless. Oh, and by-the-way, this license also says that I can’t drive a semi-truck because I do not have the proper training. If you want to drive a semi-truck hauling hazardous waste, you will find that you need to pass a test. It is admittedly very hard, but it is a test. I can’t drive a motorcycle or a bus either; to do these things I need more training and to pass a different test. A nationally recognized licence for guns should be no different. This is the essence of a national gun control program that I am proposing.

Will this type of gun control stop all gun-related killings? Of course not. No more than a terrorist with no license driving a van into a crowd would stop him from killing innocent people. But the aim is to implement and enforce, more control than we currently have. And it would prevent people from obtaining weapons or high capacity magazines that they don’t have the training or need for. Finally, just as you register your car, you need to register your guns. It’s common sense gun control that we must all agree upon, regardless of party affiliation.

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