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We Gave Them Our Word. We Said:

Jul 9, 2018 | Politics

“If you join our armed forces we will fast track your citizenship.”

On our word, these people, who love and wish to live legally in this country, put their lives on the line. Many of them returned broken or not at all. They jeopardized their lives so that they could protect our families and our freedoms. Now, we must protect theirs.

These are programs – NATURALIZATION THROUGH MILITARY SERVICE – that have been in place for decades to expedite citizenship for immigrants and their families when they served in the military.

Because of these promises, as well as a desire to serve, many of these young men and women swore an oath to defend the only country they know, and their service has been an important part of our military for decades.

Now many of these “Heroes” are returning to discover that it all just seemed to be a ploy in order to enlist them. Several are being told that they don’t quality, or that the under new immigration laws the promises don’t apply. Some are being told to break up their families.

Is this more of the strict immigration policy that Stephen Miller concocted? What is his ultimate goal? No matter, we all know the hardships this causes to the families of these men and women. We must not let this happen. I will not rescind on that promise, none of us can.

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