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Decriminalize Marijuana at the Federal Level

Apr 20, 2018 | Politics

This legislation is aimed at “decriminalizing” marijuana at the federal level. While it is not decriminalization of all drugs and treating addictions associated with chemical dependency in federal clinics, it is a step in the right direction. As I’ve stated hundreds of times, our police are not doctors and the prisons are not hospitals. The “War” on drugs is costing our country too much in money and lives. Also, this bill – if it is passed – will generate much needed revenue from taxes……billions of dollars.

This is a response to many questions concerning my position. Any legislation that I would introduce, or endorse with others, must be for the good of the whole. It is not good to imprison millions of people because they have become sick (addicted). It is not good to have these people become captive slaves to organizations – criminal and legal – who only see them as “profit” centers. Addiction is a disease that can be managed.

Any legislation that I would introduce, or endorse with others, must be affordable. Spending billions of dollars waging a war on drugs that has demonstrated no improvement is madness. It did not work with Prohibition in the 20’s and it is not working now. I suspect those who want to continue to wage that war have too many self interests at heart, on many sides, from the criminal organizations, to the enforcement bureaucracies, and to the private licensed agencies.

Legalize all drugs, control the sources, tax the sales, and cure and/or manage the afflicted.

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