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Strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Mar 20, 2017 | Healthcare

Social Security cannot be privatized. This is an essential safety net that should be strengthened – not undermined.

Medicare and Medicaid must be continuously improved and serve as the foundation to ultimately provide for a universal healthcare system for everyone in our country, especially for those who cannot afford healthcare under the current systems.

We need to expand Medicare/Medicaid and medical care overall, similar to the Veterans Health Administration, to provides free access to doctors, hospitals, and clinics for citizens who have no insurance through their work, who cannot afford insurance, or who are below the poverty level.

What is the best way to expand healthcare at the best price? Currently adding layers of bureaucracy that stand between the patient and healthcare provider is not cost effective. Market-driven insurance companies by their very nature have huge employee infrastructures and properties to maintain at great expense, and therefore they are driven to make a significant profit. While I am not in favor of a national insurance program, I would start by modifying the current program.

I would fight for a program that recruited young men and women from high school and college to join a government medical core program. And, in return for six years of service and two years of reserve service, all of their tuition would be paid by the U.S. government. Their wage would depend on their years of service and type of work they undertake. These licensed medical professionals would be placed all over the country in hospitals and clinics to provide much-needed medical care. Most importantly, under government protection, they would be exempt from malpractice lawsuits.

Elected officials need to think creatively to solve our country’s pressing problems. Dependable and affordable healthcare is paramount to our collective and individual well being – and that of the nation as well.

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